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Glass Room

We offer you the constructed glass room

Al wasel glass room provides you with the best designed and uses top quality material in order to build the glass rooms and provides the client with the best services . al wasel helps the client to build the glass room as per there requirement and provide you with the best quotation. While building the glass room  A l Wael also helps in construction the base using the tiles, woods and interlock as per your satisfaction. We also construct many different types of glass rooms.

Al Wasel Glass Room gives you so many glass and so little frames in the glass room that you get the most wonderful view of your outdoor surroundings. They really are virtually frame-less and slide offer throughout has its extraordinary way of making you feel as though you are sitting in the very heart of the Garden.

The Main thing is they overheat during the summer months and become far too cold in winter. this glass provide excellent thermal efficiency and will adjust to the temperature outside.

if a standard glass room design not luxurious enough for you? you can adapt change and easily modified according to your where you can relax without your enjoyment being disrupted by the element.

All that sunshine that flow through the glass room will naturally put a smile on your face and make you feel as though you are ready to take on anything. Sun display has been shown to lower blood pressure, ease stress, enhance immune system, help us sleep etc.

 Top quality material 

  Customer satisfaction

  Excellent thermal efficiency