UPVC windows



uPVC windows

High rise window cleaning

High resistance against most chemicals.Zero corrosion under adverse climatic conditions such as in coastal areas and highly polluted industrial areas.Preserves original colors and physical properties.Scratch-proof.

The lifetime of UPVC windows is twice that of an aluminum window and three times longer than wooden windows.

1.5 mm Galvanized Steel Reinforcement in all our profiles for additional strength.
The required temperature for UPVC to ignite is much higher than that required for wood. UPVC is highly fire-retardant since it contains chlorine. Once on fire, UPVC profiles are self-extinguishing. No painting, No polishing, Just clean with detergent or soap. Heating/Cooling accounts for 60-70 % of domestic energy consumption. Heat losses through windows account for 30-40% of entire heat losses in a household, Like wood, UPVC is a very good insulator.

 High resistance against most chemicals.
 Zero corrosion under adverse climatic conditions.
 Preserves original colors and physical properties.